I’ve always appreciated and enjoyed my natural surroundings, be it Fell Walking, Mountain Biking, Potholing or Skiing it has always been a part of my life. But it wasn’t until I picked up a camera seriously in my early twenties that I discovered something with a real substance and fulfilment.
I've always framed scenes in my mind for as long as I can remember and for me photography was always going to be a natural progression, but I like to think of myself as explorer rather than "photographer" as I very rarely take pictures of anything apart from my local landscape, a landscape that is rich in diversity that changes everyday with the light and the seasons.
And for me this has to be a solo pursuit "at one" no distractions, the time to explore, watch and wait.. Vital!
When it comes to capturing the moment I have progressed from 35mm to Medium Format and now to Large Format sheet film photography where I love going back to the raw basics of the craft and away from the all to processed world we live in.
I also favour time consuming traditional wet darkroom printing over digital techniques as I believe it's only natural in the creation of a landscape print. The print itself is created by the ‘drawing of light’ as the image is projected and worked onto the photographic paper. This not only gives control over the image but also gives an organic feeling to the printing similar to that felt at the time of the initial exposure, as the natural light drew the landscape.
Each hand printed Silver Gelatin print can have up to fifteen separate processes. This makes no two prints identical and they are as unique as the landscape itself. Techniques include:- split grade printing, dodging, burning, bleaching and multiple toning.